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About us

SAKA was established in 1998 and we have created a reputation for design excellence, with a range of projects that celebrate uniqueness, fine detailing, and the use of materials in their natural form. We have a design approach that is deeply responsive to site context (physical, cultural, and historical) and client needs (both stated and perceived). At the heart of our practice is a deep belief in thoughtfulness, sensitivity, innovation, playfulness, and passion: the springboard for great ideas. A deep interest and immersion in the way people inhabit and enjoy space stimulate and guides our creative process.

We are committed to the creation of architectural spaces that have cultural resonance, a sensory quality that renews and stimulates, and a spatial presence that is finely modulated, human scale, and derived from the natural topography of the site. Sustainability is a key concern and creating a 'positive recharge community' in the future is a closely-held dream.

Interior spaces mirror the identity of the people that inhabit them. We seek to realize this potential through a rigorous process that deeply expresses the lifestyle, needs, and aspirations of our clients. Exceeding expectations and setting new standards of professionalism is our forte.

We believe in the creation of urban spaces through a participatory process and have been instrumental in the creation of the Aravali Biodiversity Park as volunteers/co-founders of iamgurgaon. As part of our urban research, we have studied Character Districts and Urban Signage in the context of Gurgaon. The role of design practice as a change-maker within its local community is a central concern.

Our Team.

Swanzal Kak Kapoor 
Principal Architect

Tel: +91 9810308880

Shubhi maam.jpeg
Shubhi Aggarwal 
Senior Architect

Fenil Chacko
Senior Architect

Akhil S. Koovackal
Ayaan Ahmed
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