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About us

SAKA was established in 1999 and over the span of years we have created a reputation for design excellence, with a range of projects that celebrate uniqueness, fine detailing and the use of materials in their natural form. We have a design approach that is deeply responsive to site context (physical, cultural and historical) and client needs (both stated and perceived).

We are committed to the creation of architectural spaces that have a cultural resonance, a sensory quality that renews & stimulates and a spatial presence that is finely modulated, human scale & derived from the natural topography of the site. Our work has been appreciated in architectural publications and we have won a Presidential Award from the Ministry of Social Welfare for Amar Jyoti School- a school for the physically challenged from the under privileged section of society.


We have completed more than 200 projects ranging from low-cost vocational training institutes, worker housings to high-end spas, corporate offices and embassies, ranging in project value from 5 lakhs to 76 crores.


ˈrɛz(ə)nəns/ noun

1.The quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating.

2.The power to evoke enduring images, memories and emotions.


An Architecture of Resonance occurs when spaces reflect the values of sensory richness, timelessness, repose, beauty, and dynamic value through the prism of ecological consciousness and cultural specificity to create spaces with an expansive spirit and unique quality that uplift the human experience and heighten our awareness of our own potential.

We aim to create unique design solutions that transcend the articulated client needs and project brief through a program that responds to the specifics of site, climate, local culture and the lifestyle of the end users. We consistently strive to develop new building techniques and details, which ensure that every project assumes an identity that mirrors the clients aspirations and yet is integral to the context it is rooted in.


Our design experience ranges from small residential renovations to housing and institutional projects, equipping us to grasp and enjoy a diversity of design scales.

Our Team.


Swanzal Kak Kapoor 

Principal Architect

Tel: +91 9810308880

Shubhi Aggarwal 

Senior Architect

Fenil Chacko

Senior Architect


Senior Architect

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