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Nambiar House

The Nambiar House is a contemporary home with a vernacular heart. Situated on a hilltop in the midst of a rainforest, it is a retreat for the soul, that reinforces the 'genus Locii' of local homes.

Primary concerns were a deep connectivity to the landscape,ecology,architectural vocabulary and culture of the region.

Experientially, the focus was to create a quiet space that draws the eye outwards to the lush countryside in the valley below.


The home has been rendered in a controlled palette of locally sourced materials and local carpentry skills were harnessed to create balusters, handrails and wooden shutters that evoke traditional forms and carving motifs. External lighting was minimized so that the gardens return to the forest at night, a Coorg tradition. This is a home that responds with sensitivity and grace to an ecologically and culturally sensitive region, while being a repository of meaning and memory for the family.

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