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Tree House

Winner for World Architecture Community Awards 27th cycle, for the Realised category


The real strength of this home is its sense of quiet and the innovative and exploratory quality of its architecture. The dynamics between the vertical lines of teakstone walls, the branching structure of the tree columns and sculptural, carefully positioned openings and courtyards create constantly shifting geometries that delight and draw the eye forward. The inspiration from Nature and the sheltering benevolence of a tree extends into the colour palette and the forms selected.

Sustainability is enabled through a careful selection of local materials that will require no recurring maintenance, the roof canopy is both a central visual element and a means of climatic temperature control, maximising porous surfaces in the landscape by shading openings and the roof slab, rainwater harvesting and a floor plan that maximises day-lighting and cross-ventilation.


Local stone working skills have been harnessed in finely detailed teak-stone walls. A sense of peace and stillness pervades all the spaces and yet there is a magical unfolding of views, light and pattern as you move through the home, almost like a walk in the forest.


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