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Samadhaan Hub

The Samadhaan Hub is a ground-breaking initiative designed in collaboration with the Gurgaon based NGO ‘iamgurgaon’. It is conceptualised as a waste solutions space that functions as an open- air interpretation centre, recycling station and workshop space that propels citizens towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

The design grew out of a vision to demonstrate what wealth ‘waste’ can be: all the building materials are upcycled waste or completely biodegradable: bamboo-mud walls, waste steel mesh gabion walls filled with AC insulation and cement waste. Glass bottles were used to create seat walls and pathways were created by breaking cement waste.

Dramatic installations from a prior art from waste exhibition were repositioned at focal points of the space. Solar lights provide lighting and a small water retention pond collects surface runoff. It shines as an example of a space that celebrates the values and intent of its purpose within the city and champions the cause of sustainable urban living.

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