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T House in Gurgaon: Residential Architecture Design,Build By Saka Studio

T House

This home in a quiet leafy corner of Sushant Lok,Gurgaon was built to respond to the presence of a beautiful Alistonia tree.The form of the home steps back from the ground upwards to create decks and terraces that overlook the garden and tree on every level.Since the plot faces a  park this ensures that there is a verdant view from each room.The study cantilevers out into the garden to shelter under the tree canopy and create a beautiful indoor-outdoor experience in the interior.The exterior of the home features a pared down materiality with a grey toned facade which explores the textures of limestone,bronze Aluminum and timber tones.The focus is on creepers and greenery to add life and colour to the facade so the home connects with the garden.

Experientially,the home embodies grace and balance.Since the home was built for a family of four,across three generations,there is a sense of openness and fluidity within the interior spaces,while ensuring privacy for each person.The thirteen foot high ceilings(a rarity in Gurgaon’s urban sprawl)create an expansive quality within the interior that somehow subtly alters the quality of light and elevates the mood.A double height family lounge connects the lower and upper floors and is animated by  a skylight through which constantly shifting sunlight enters into the home.The functional distribution has the formal living ,dining,family lounge,kitchen and parents bedroom on the ground floor.The Master bedroom,Son’s room ,Den and Study are on the first floor.The second floor has a guest room,gym,store and caretakers rooms.

Each space has been carefully conceived to create a distinct experiential quality while quiet luxury imbues the entire home.Stained sucupira veneer,fluted wood,wooden and stone floors move through the home.A cantilevered tread stone and metal staircase becomes a delicately expressed connector across all levels.The piece-de-resistance of the home is the study that adjoins the master bedroom on the first floor.A custom designed leather and suede back unit,a rosewood and antique silver leather desk with copper cocoon pendant lights create a powerful beauty.The proximity to the tree and park beyond add an otherworldly tranquility to this space.The formal living room comes alive with a fluted leather console,copper floor lamps,an asymmetric stone and wood centre table and a soft palette of grey,blue,rust and beige.A screen of timber fins,angled brass rods and fabric glass creates a dramatic backdrop and connects to the entrance and staircase beyond.

The dining room features a table with a stone top with a sculptural  wooden base and connects to the family lounge beyond through a small internal court that comes to life with a stainless steel Magnolia tree sculpture.The corner bar overlooks the garden and is expressed in copper and stone.Delicate patterned glass pendants streak light onto the bar counter and a Lightbox in a glass corner alcove features a soaring human sculpture that Is visible from both home and garden.

The master suite features a TV lounge,bedroom,study,walk-in and master bath rendered in tones of rust brown beige and grey.A fluted leather panelled headboard and fluted wood cabinetry in the master bedroom contrast with a minimal TV console and recliner angled against a corner window.The sons bedroom is articulated in stained grey veneer,leather and metal while the guest bedroom is a quiet sanctuary in Ivory,beige and pale blue.This home stands out for its warmth and quiet luxury and the originality of the furniture and art within.It creates an environment that subtly energises while providing a nurturing cocoon within the surrounding urban context.It is also an example of sensitive under-building that allows the external form to sit in balance with the garden and street beyond.

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