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Civil Lines

Runner-up in WADE Awards 2019 for the Residential Category


This interior radically transforms a 60 year home into a cutting-edge contemporary space which expresses simplicity and frugality. The innovative interlocking of double height volumes create multiple overlapping spaces that flow seamlessly into each other visually, expanding and connecting.

These can be separated functionally through sliding screens and wooden louvered blinds. The material palette of brick tiles, cork flooring, stone and walnut wood respects the homes’ colonial past while being of today. The ‘transparent box’ that connects to the garden is a composition of lines that visualizes the geometry of the older structure. The addition of a reflecting pool, water cascade and pergola alongside a striated composition of stone screen walls,  Delhi quartzite wall and metal columns complete the garden and create outdoor living spaces.

A very detailed approach to storage accommodates all requirements while retaining an airy lightness to the interior. The family delightedly acknowledges the transformation in their lives through their reinvented home: striations across time!

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