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C Farm

The layout of the home unfolds with a stamped concrete entrance court, through a cast concrete colonnade and a ‘Tree of Life’ Door, into a Dholpur stone clad colonnade that forms the spine of the home, which connects to all the public and private spaces on the lower floor. The baithak on the upper floor is an incredible light-filled, breezy space that leads to two bedroom suites.


The garden is framed and defined through large pivoted doors, openings, decks, terraces and pergolas. Traditional Indian motifs and patterns recur through the interior with the herringbone pattern as a leitmotif in door panels, floor patterns, column bases and laser-cut metal ‘Jaalis’. Inspired by Sanjhi cutwork, the laser cut screens, balusters and entrance door establish an innate contextuality while making a contemporary statement. There is an innovative use of exposed concrete ceilings with embedded imprints of palm-leaves from the garden, a new take on bringing the outdoors in!


The garden pavilion, deck and pool are a study in simplicity and purity of line and form. This home explores deeply the question of expressing traditional forms and motifs in our contemporary Indian homes with a freshness and originality that is a source of delight for the family residing in it.

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