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Featured in Home & Design Trends INDIA’S TOP 10 HOMES 2016

The family required a weekend home and entertainment space with a heightened dramatic appeal and vibrant colour that expressed their zest for life. This brief translated into a highly stylised interior where the home was articulated as an ‘art object’ and each space was conceptualised as a key segment of an unfolding sequence: it has been crafted with an artist’s gaze.

Each room has a distinct mood and colour palette that responds to the personality of the inhabitant and the colours are nature inspired: burnt orange, bronze and kingfisher blue in the living areas, delicate ivory, pale mint green and teal in the master bedroom and aubergine purple, bone and nut brown in the son’s bedroom. The parents’ room is resplendent in autumn golds and walnut hues. 

This home reinvents the luxury contemporary Indian home with a rootedness in natural forms and materials. Each piece was custom designed and fabricated locally highlighting the craft skills that are alive in our country. Here drama and originality combine to create an unforgettable space to entertain and escape from the everyday. The balance of drama and repose and the interplay of interior and exterior landscape leads to a poetic experience where the eye delights in the luminosity and detail, truly a celebratory space.

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